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Why Commander Packaging West?

Commander Offers Cutting Edge Technology

  • At 30,000 impressions per hour, our new OFFSET press provides roll to roll printing with the highest run speeds, best detailed graphics and lowest production costs available.

  • The corrugator cold set glue process eliminates most flute line issues.
  • The latest technology includes camera scanning with 100% defect detection, significantly reducing waste while raising the quality.
  • In house computer to plate availability. One time plate cost is approximately $2,000, compared to $20,000 for flexo printing plates.
  • Run quantities can be significantly lower than flexo minimums.

          Sustainability Meets High end Graphics.

  •   We have eliminated VOC and odor issues with Electronic Beam Curing. EBC is the only FDA compliant coating process for indirect food contact applications. 
  • We provide consumer specific basis weights with lower fiber content and light liners, 8pt to 30pt.

    Our Philosophy is Reduce Remove Recycle and Improve
  • The technology reduces waste without compromising structure or aesthetics.
  • Lighter packaging reduces costs in manufacturing, shipping and storage.
  • 76.6% Corrugated is recycled. Only 26% of Plastics is recycled
  • Paper biodegrades in 2-5 months. Some plastics take 500 years to biodegrade.

Recently named the 2013 MillerCoors MWBE Supplier of the Year


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